What is a Time Attendance System and How Can it Benefit Organisations?

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What is a Time Attendance System

A time attendance system ensures that you know when your employees are working. By using these services, you’ll ensure that your business is running efficiently and that all wages are distributed appropriately. While this might seem like a major benefit, there are a number of other ways in which your organization will improve by using a time attendance system.

Tracking Hours

Knowing when your employees are working is essential. That’s because you need to know how much to pay them. Not only this, but you’ll be covered if any insurance problems arise.

Automating Payroll Processes

When you use time attendance systems, you’ll be saving yourself a significant amount of time. You won’t have to go through timesheets over and over; rather, you can focus your attention on more urgent matters because payrolls are processed easily.

For insurance purposes, this can be useful because it helps steamroll injury claims.

Tracking Overtime

This is a benefit for you and for your employees. Too often, businesses and employees find it difficult to track hours of overtime. Using a time attendance system will decrease mistakes in overtime payments.

Biometrics Attendance Systems: How do They Differ From Traditional Systems?

A biometric time attendance system uses sensors to create multispectral imaging. These attendance systems will use advanced facial recognition technologies, for example, to determine who is working. Any facial templates that are stored cannot be copied or retrieved. This ensures that your organization is as safe as possible, that no one’s identity is stolen, and that all wages are paid appropriately.

Now, how does a biometric attendance system differ from traditional methods?

  • All about security. With biometric attendance, you’ll have increased security in the workplace. In traditional methods of time attendance systems, like PINs, can be used to increase or decrease the amount of time that an employee is working. With a biometric time attendance system, no one can lie about another employee’s schedule.
  • All about efficiency. These systems are also much easier to use than other methods. Many organizations will only ask that employees scan their fingerprints or faces and from that moment, they can begin working!
  • All about security. If you have a business that requires security clearance, you ’ll be able to control who has access to where. When someone has their face scanned, the system can reject them from a room if they do not have the clearance to enter that room.
  • All about data. You always have access to your company’s data and timetable. Because of this, you can have control over your organization’s efficiency and you can hold everyone accountable for their hours.
  • All about shifts. With this technology, you can configure your employees’ work shifts more easily. From a single interface, you can make adjustments when emergencies arise to ensure that everyone is working when they should be.

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