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Managing a business or organisation's workforce is no easy feat. We all knows that. It takes tremendous amount of effort and time to manage workplace security, account for employee's attendance, calculate their working hours, overtime, manage their leave and more, to eventually preparing their salaries at the month end.

Did you know, a human resource administrator would spend more than 16 hours a week, tabulating and calculating all these information? In our opinion, that is a total waste of time.

Problems of Manual Tracking

Keeping track, consolidating and compiling employees’ timesheets for payroll or reports are costing a lot of companies tonnes of wasted mandays and efforts, which are prone to human miscalculations and unverified costings of additional payable hours. Manual tracking doesn't allow high data visibility and makes it difficult to compile reports for management analysis.


Problems of Buddy Punching and Low Security

Card access technologies are ill-suited for managing people in today's world. Cards are easily forgotten, misplaced and transferred between employees, compromising workplace security and data integrity. Furthermore, it adds on the administrative burden of disabling lost cards, replacing and issuing new cards.

In today's world, everyone is going biometrics. Cardless, and even more secured.


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Our Suite of Solutions

Intercorp BAS suite of solutions is Singapore's leading enterprise cloud software that has helped numerous companies and government agencies manage their workforce time attendance, timesheets, productivity measurement, workplace security and payroll for salary payment purposes.

BAS-Access is a high security biometrics access control system, to assist companies and enterprises in managing their workplace security and access authorisation across single or multiple locations.

BAS-Attendance is an attendance management system, which provides companies and enterprises real-time visibility of their manpower, tracking employees' movements, punctuality, working hours and overtime.

BAS-Productivity is a productivity measurement system, which assists companies and enterprises in calculating workers and trades working hours as well as productive indexes. 

Compliant to Singapore BCA ePSS requirements.

BAS-Payroll is an essential payroll system which helps companies and enterprises calculate employees' payable salaries, leave management and payslips generation.

Intercorp Suite of BAS Biometrics Solutions Singapore

Data in a Glance

Real-time accurate data overview provides you a quick update on your current manpower status on your dashboard. You can easily drill down the data from high-level view, right down to individual employee's information.


Centralised Employees Database

With a centralised employees management database, the problems of duplicate records and repeated registrations at different workplaces would no longer exist. Register your employees once and they would be synced automagically across your various workplaces!


Secured Biometric Access

Our hygienic, contactless and highly accurate dual-camera biometric scanners scan employees through in less than a second. It eliminates payroll buddy-punching and helps in improving the security of your workplace!


Automated Payroll Calculations

Leveraging on BAS-Attendance and BAS-Payroll easy setup and highly configurable shifts settings, timesheets of employees are automagically tabulated and generated for you to prepare payroll with ease!


Measure Workforce Productivity with Data

Everyone says workforce productivity is hard to quantify and measure. However we don't think so. With BAS-Productivity, you can track productive hours and measure your business' monthly productive index against actual production outputs.

Compliant to Singapore's BCA ("Building & Construction Authority") mandatory EPSS submission standards.


Big Data Unification and Analytics

Consolidate and compile manpower data from multiple sources instantaneously for management analytics and decision-making is now a breeze, simply at a click of a button!


Key Features


Real-Time Data

All transactional data are sent in real-time to BAS cloud server, ensuring up-to-date data for all your queries and reports.


Centralised Employees Database

BAS holds your employees' information in a centralized depository across your multiple locations, eliminating duplicate records.


Highly Scalable & Flexible

BAS has unlimited scaling structure, which allows you to add locations to meet your company's unique growth.


Big Data Dashboard

Real-time big data from multiple sources are available on your dashboard for your queries and management decisions.


3D Biometrics Technologies

Our facial scanners uses proprietary dual cameras for 3D facial recognition, ensuring the highest accuracy and authentication speed in the market.


Consolidated Management Reports

Data can be consolidated and processed from multiple locations into high-level, unified reports.


Powerful Functionalities

BAS holds a lot of powerful functionalities (too much in fact for us to list them all here!) that are highly configurable to suit your company's unique requirements.


Mobile App Enabled

BAS Mobile is available for download on both Apple and Google App Stores as your complementary tool on the go.

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150,000+ Users and Counting

Some of our satisfied clients who have been using our cloud BAS platform for their manpower management and payroll needs.

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Some of the improvements experienced by our Clients after using BAS platform.

  • Time Attendance Tracking

  • Payroll Efficiency

  • Data Visibility

  • Workplace Security

  • Site Safety

  • Reduction in Overtime Costs


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