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Biometrics Cardless Entry

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Time Attendance & Payroll

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Productivity Measurement

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Multiple Workplaces Management

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Big Data Analytics


Intercorp provides the best biometric solutions that eases management and increases productivity in any company.

Sharing a great reputation all over Singapore for our biometric system and solutions, we are the trusted partner to make your company management easy, simple and efficient.

Our Biometrics Authentication System (BAS) ensures the safety, security and reliability of your company and data. With its extensive range of features, it aims to enhance the efficiency of relaying information.


BAS-Access is a high security biometrics access control system, to assist companies and enterprises in managing their workplace security and access authorisation across single or multiple locations.

BAS-Attendance is an attendance management system, which provides companies and enterprises real-time visibility of their manpower, tracking employees' movements, punctuality, working hours and overtime.

BAS-Productivity is a productivity measurement system, which assists companies and enterprises in calculating workers and trades working hours as well as productive indexes. 

Compliant to Singapore BCA ePSS requirements.

BAS-Payroll is an essential payroll system which helps companies and enterprises calculate employees' payable salaries, leave management and payslips generation.


Workplace Security

Our hygienic, contactless and highly accurate dual-camera biometric scanners scan employees through in less than a second and helps in improving the security of your workplace!

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BAS records employee information in a centralized depository across your multiple locations and tracks employee attendance automatically for easier tabulation. It also eliminates the problem of payroll buddy-punching that is present in other attendance tracking system such as card to enhance data integrity.

Payroll Efficiency

Leveraging on BAS-Attendance and BAS-Payroll easy setup and highly configurable shifts settings, timesheets of employees are automagically tabulated and generated for you to prepare payroll with ease!

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Real-time accurate data overview provides you a quick update on your current manpower status on your dashboard. You can easily drill down the data from high-level view, right down to individual employee's information.

Reduction in Overtime Cost

Tracking and compiling employees’ timesheets for payroll or reports are costing companies tonnes of wasted mandays and efforts, which are prone to human miscalculations and unverified costings of additional payable hours. BAS aims to eliminate these problems to lower cost from wasted efforts and time.

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Recognised by the following major publications in Singapore

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Some of our satisfied clients who have been using our cloud BAS platform for their manpower management and payroll needs.

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