No Nonsense Payroll for All Types of Businesses

Payroll, made easy.

Calculating payroll under time crunch and managing leave for numerous employees across single or multiple locations used to be a great challenge for companies and enterprises.

Now, we have simplified it for you.

Accurate Payroll Calculations

Generate payroll runs easily and instantly with automated, accurate calculations.

Automated Payslips

Payslips to employees can be generated and printed with ease or sent through automated emails.

Leave Management

Manage leave records and balances of employees systematically and effectively.


Big Data Visibility

Have full insights and visibility on your company's real-time headcount and manpower accountability through our easy-to-use big data dashboard.

You will be able to view high level data and able to drill down to specifics, even right down to individual's information and movements.

Unified and Simplified Employees Dockets

All employees' personnel and payroll information are stored and categorized systematically in individual dockets on a centralized database within BAS-Payroll, hence avoiding duplicate records even across multiple workplaces.


Leave Management

Manage leave records and track balances and entitlements of employees easily through BAS-Payroll's systematic leave management function.

Pay Elements & Contributions

Manage and assign highly configurable employees' payroll elements and contributions accordingly to requirements.


Employees Documents

Upload and store human resource related documents in employees' dockets for neat e-documents filing and retrieval. 

Generated Payslips

Choose either to generate and print payslips for your employees or send them automatically via email.


Best used with Biometrics

Our biometric technologies are definitely one of the fastest, most advanced and secured biometrics authentication methods available in today's market.

Get your time attendance data from our cutting-edge 3D dual cameras biometric scanners and our BAS-Attendance for your payroll runs.

Extensible with our other systems

BAS-Payroll is definitely extensible and compatible with our suite of solutions.

You can enhance and upgrade the capabilities of BAS, at anytime you like, for a total and seamless management platform.

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System Features

  • Cloud Login from Anytime, Anywhere
  • 24/7 System Availability
  • Real-time Big Data Dashboards
  • Daily Full and Incremental Data Backup
  • Multiple Public Holiday Calendars
  • Centralised Personnel Database
  • Basic Personnel Information
  • Profile Customised Fields
  • Employee Bank Information
  • Payroll Calculations
  • Payslips Generation
  • Configurable Role Access Rights
  • Unlimited Workplaces (Entities) Setup
  • Pay Elements
  • Pay Contributions
  • Leave Management
  • HR Documents Management

And many more features. Please enquire with us for a comprehensive list of system features.

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