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Time Attendance System

Simplifying Employees Time & Attendance Management

With Biometric Time Attendance, Tracking made easy.

Managing, tracking and calculating time and attendance for numerous employees across single or multiple locations used to be a great challenge for companies and enterprises.

Now, we have simplified it for you.

If you are looking for biometric time attendance solutions to automate and replace your legacy time card machine system, contact us today.

99.999 % ACCURATE

Biometrics authentication ensure that your employees are at work and no buddy-punching can happen.


Employees working hours, lateness, overtime and more, are tracked and calculated automatically.


Even across multiple workplaces, employees' movements and data are highly visible via big data dashboard and reports.

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Absolute Accuracy

Our biometric technologies are definitely one of the fastest, most advanced and secured biometrics authentication methods available in today's market.

You can have full confidence that your employees are definitely on premise, buddy-punching is no longer possible and security is not compromised in any manner. 

Big Data Visibility

Have full insights and visibility on your company's real-time headcount and manpower accountability through our easy-to-use big data dashboard.

You will be able to view high level data and able to drill down to specifics, even right down to individual's information and movements.

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Unified and Simplified Employees Dockets

All employees' information are stored and categorized systematically in individual dockets on a centralized database within BAS-Attendance, hence avoiding duplicate records even across multiple workplaces.

Highly Configurable Shifts

BAS-Attendance's highly configurable settings environment allows most aspects of the system to be adjusted easily when necessary, allowing flexibility to suit your operational needs.

No matter what kind of shift scenarios, be it fixed, flexi or roster, our highly configurable shift handling will handle them seamlessly.

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Highly Configurable Overtime

Flexible overtime handling and processing rule settings allow BAS-Attendance to handle even the most demanding overtime requirements on the market.

Consolidated Big Data

Consolidating data into reports from multiple workplaces is a tedious, time-consuming task. However with BAS-Attendance, high-level consolidated reports can be generated on-the-fly instantly.

Data from multiple sources are automatically pulled, calculated and processed into summary and detailed reports for immediate analysis and visibility.

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BAS-Attendance can be extended with BAS-Self Service, for employees to update their personal particulars, conduct mobile check-in with GPS (if required), view their timesheets and more.

This will totally bring your Time & Attendance management to another mobile level!

Highly Extensible

BAS-Attendance is definitely extensible and compatible with our suite of solutions.

You can enhance and upgrade the capabilities of BAS, at anytime you like, for a total and seamless management platform.

For more information on other solutions:

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System Features

  • Cloud Login from Anytime, Anywhere
  • 24/7 System Availability
  • Real-time Big Data Dashboards
  • Daily Full and Incremental Data Backup
  • Multiple Public Holiday Calendars
  • Multiple Shifts Handling
  • Multiple Allowances Handling
  • Multiple Overtime Handling
  • Tracking of Attendance, Lateness & Absents
  • Centralised Personnel Database
  • Comprehensive Personnel Information
  • Unlimited Workplaces (Entities) Setup
  • Profile Customised Fields
  • Roster Management
  • Profile Auto Housekeeping Feature
  • Blacklisted Profile Feature
  • Auto Calculations of Working Hours & Overtime
  • Configurable Role Access Rights
  • Auto Synchronisation of Biometric Templates
  • Error Record Update
  • Timesheet Approval
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Big Data Consolidated Reports
  • Payroll Compatible

And many more features. Please enquire with us for a comprehensive list of system features.

Some of our satisfied customers

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And many more clienteles. Please enquire with us if you would require more client references.

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