Peace of Mind Door Access Security for your Workplaces

Security, made easy.

Managing security and access authorisations for numerous employees across single or multiple locations used to be a great challenge for companies and enterprises.

Now, we have simplified it for you.

Highest Security Level

Biometrics authentication is the best method in ensuring high security within your work premises.

Configurable Access Rights

Employees' access rights to multiple workplaces can be easily configurable.

Auto Synchronisation

Once an employee is registered, his/her template will be automatically synchronised to all authorised workplaces.


Biometrics Security

Our biometric technologies are definitely one of the fastest, most advanced and secured biometrics authentication methods available in today's market.

You can have full confidence that accuracy of the individual is guaranteed and security is not compromised in any manner.

Doors or Turnstiles

Whether its doors or turnstiles, our biometric readers are highly compatible.

We have installed for numerous companies and enterprises in different settings, from offices, construction sites to manufacturing plants.


Manage Access Rights Easily

Grant and control access rights of employees to single or multiple workplaces easily through our  management console. 

Even multiple system administrators, managing different workplaces, can control access authorisation seamlessly.

Auto Synchronisation

Once the access rights of an employee is defined, his or her biometrics template will be automatically synchronised to those authorised workplaces.

The auto sychronisation function will work for any subsequent modifications or deletions as well, easing administrator's management of multiple workplaces.


Centralized Employees Management

All employees' information are stored and categorized systematically in individual dockets on a centralized database within BAS-Access, hence avoiding duplicate records even across multiple workplaces.

It's just that Simple

Give or remove authorisations from employees easily, by simply selecting which entities they are accessible to. Our automated synchronization process will ensure all door access are synced accordingly to your preferences.

Once you'd tried it and realised how easy it is, there's simply no turning back.


Extensible with our other systems

BAS-Access is definitely extensible and compatible with our suite of solutions.

You can enhance and upgrade the capabilities of BAS, at anytime you like, for a total and seamless management platform.

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System Features

  • Cloud Login from Anytime, Anywhere
  • 24/7 System Availability
  • Real-time Big Data Dashboards
  • Daily Full and Incremental Data Backup
  • Security Audit Log
  • Centralised Personnel Database
  • Basic Personnel Information
  • Unlimited Workplaces (Entities) Setup
  • Biometric Security Image Capturing
  • Configurable Role Access Rights
  • Auto Synchronisation of Biometric Templates
  • Profile Customised Fields

And many more features. Please enquire with us for a comprehensive list of system features.

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