Employee management is an essential HR task, and particularly hectic in the areas of productivity, attendance and payroll. Companies want to track the data of hundreds to thousands of employees, working across multiple locations, so the question is how can you get secured access to this information in one system?

In these multifaceted scenarios, biometric authentication system (BAS) is the best solution to resolve these challenges and incorporate them on one single platform.

For secured workplace access control, deploying Biometric Access Control System is a good solution, as biometric verification reduces the chances of foul plays or other frauds while a biometric system with good management features eases the effort with tracking data and productivity tasks for all.
Ensure your selected Biometric Authentication System has these 10 important features:

1.      Good Data-keeping Capacity

Your BAS solution should be able to scale with your company’s growth and handle potentially more people than your current workforce in your organisation. Should more workplace locations are set up, the system must be able to accommodate as well. A good database storage capacity and management process ensures that you will not run out of resources while your company grows.

2.      Easy Registration Process

Saving the biometric templates (such as fingerprints or facial recognition) should not be a tough or time-consuming process. If the registration process is too complicated or its sensors takes too long in fetching biometrics data, look for alternatives instead of setting for this BAS System.

So, ensure your selected software and machines allows you to register people with ease.

3.      Functionalities and Integration

Businesses need authenticated data to facilitate in payroll, attendance, access, and productivity management software solutions. Hence, a BAS tool should either comes with the efficiencies of these solutions (e.g. Intercorp’s BAS solution) or allows easy integration with other tools for this purposes.

4.      Real-Time Data Management

Team structures and company organisations today are no longer the same as before. Our employees are working from multiple locations and getting to different locations, thus borne the need to track data from different and multiple locations too.

And this, also gives rise to the need and the choice towards cloud-based solution.

With cloud-based solution, BAS can transmit real-time data into cloud storage for monitoring and tracking. The solution will enable your human resource (HR) department to access the correct data from multiple locations, without the fear of outdated data. This, in turn, reduces the chances of losing the data and backup for back-tracking.

5.      Authentication Capabilities of Desired Metrics

It is important to ask yourself what you need in a BAS system.
So, answer a few questions first –

·         Which metric are you interested in scanning?

·         Do you want fingerprinting or face recognition or eye scanning capabilities or something else?

·         Do you want a combination of these scanners in your Biometric device?

Now share the answer with your BAS solution provider to make sure that their software is efficient and effective at what you need – you would obviously not like to install eye-scanners for fingerprint recognition or vice versa, right?

6.      Workplace-Compatible Biometric Readers

You need to fit the devices for capturing and verifying the biometric details or your employees. So how would you like to install these? At doors or turnstiles?

When you purchase a Biometric Authentication System, make sure that the selected devices can be installed the way you want. It should be compatible with your office’s or location’s environment. Or, you may select those systems which work with both types of installations, such as, BAS Access.

7.      Access Right Management

Your employees’ data is precious and should not compromise. A well-designed BAS system should let you set access rights for all employees and user roles with ease. There should be a user-friendly console in your Biometric software for the same.

Choose a BAS solution which lets you set access rights for locations, administrators, employees, workplaces and more.

8.      Report Generation

The data, provided by your BAS tool, must allow you to generate in-depth reports according to the organisation’s needs.

Sometimes you may want high-level and analysable reports for your HR teams. At times, you may want to see unified reports of all your employees. Occasionally, you will review over the annual performance of one employee. Periodically you may want to see the total working hours spent by your one particular team in a year.


So, select a Biometric Authentication system which support sufficient metrics to meet your needs.

9.      Mobile Access

The world is going mobile – why shouldn’t your HR teams?

Most competent BAS systems have mobile apps as complementary tools. If you want your teams to access the Biometric data through mobile platform, make sure that your selected BAS has mobile applications (on both iOS and Android platforms) available for your usage. This allows management to access vital information or perform tasks on the move.

10.  Security

Data safety is important for corporate companies because any compromise will cost you a great deal. Lapses in security will make your organisation vulnerable and unreliable. So, it’s better that you stay cautious about it.

Algorithms, used in your BAS system, should be tested and proven. From registration to verification and authentication, all procedures should be secure and confidential. You should ask the solution providers to prove their competency before finalising your decision and tools.

A biometric access control solution, with the 10 features as mentioned above, will definitely prove as a good asset to your organisation. It will help you manage your employees’ access efficiently while allowing you to monitor the metrics effectively. Such solutions not only raise the teams’ productivity but satisfaction in the workplace.