Business Contact Tracing made easy with GovTech SafeEntry Gateway! Get one for your business today!

Business Contact Tracing made easy with GovTech SafeEntry Gateway! Get one for your business today!


1 July 2021


Today we do know that the Covid-19 virus is highly contagious and could easily spread from an infected person to another. Hence that is why it is important for health officials to keep track of who have been within close proximity with an infectee, allowing them to quickly identify, test and isolate carriers to prevent further spread. 


Since 2020, Singapore have tried several means of contact tracing. It started with a unique QR code, for every venue and every business, mandating that everyone should scan this printed QR code whenever they enter or exit from its premises.



This method proved to be very efficient on the on-start, as its very easy to implement, allowing many businesses to adopt it in a short span of time efficiently. However, the key draw back of this system is that it only traces the venues where the individual had visited but does not trace who are within the individual’s immediate vicinity. Furthermore, not everyone carry mobile phones (such as children or the elderly) or they may have difficulties scanning the QR codes and recording their entries and exits.


To tackle the problem of detecting people in the vicinity, Singapore’s technology agency, GovTech, quickly launched a mobile app, SafeEntry (later known as TraceTogether), to detect and exchange nearby Bluetooth signals as an effective means of identifying nearby people. This worked effectively for most modern savvy mobile users.



Subsequently on 28 June 2020, batches of Bluetooth equipped tokens are issued to users as an alternative to the TraceTogether mobile app. These tokens worked in similar manner as the app, as it detects and exchanges Bluetooth signals with other nearby tokens and apps. This greatly increases the number of users within the Bluetooth exchange community for more efficient contact tracing.



With the two mainstreams of users, who are using either the TraceTogether mobile apps or the TraceTogether tokens, it is imperative to have an efficient system to record these devices for every venues and businesses.


As an answer to it, GovTech developed a shortwave Bluetooth reader, known as the SafeEntry Gateway, which records mobile apps and tokens which are placed near it. This completes the process of essential recording of individuals who have visited the venues and who were within each other’s proximities.



As a leading access control and manpower management solution provider to many essential businesses, Intercorp have worked closely with GovTech to bring such SafeEntry solutions to the market and businesses.


Integrating the SafeEntry Gateway to Intercorp’s ThermalFace biometric devices, businesses are able to use this all-in-one device (temperature taking, mask detection, facial recognition and SafeEntry) to better protect their employees and visitors.




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