ThermalFace Recognition Biometrics Scanner

Thermal + Face Recognition Biometrics

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, ThermalFace is the accurate all-in-one temperature scanning, mask detection and facial recognition terminal you need.

60,000 points of accuracy

ThermalFace will scan and recognise up to 60,000 unique biometric points on a face, in which 6,000 of them will be selected and stored. When a user steps up to the scanner, as long as 60 of such points match, the user would be authenticated. Don't worry, 60 might sound low but it is impossible for separate individuals to get them matched. Even for identical twins. We know, because we have tried.

Biometrics Facial Scanner scanning a user's identity

Temperature Sensitive

With built-in cutting-edge Vanadium Oxide uncooled detectors, which can detect up to ± 0.3 °C temperature variance, ThermalFace is able to measure and record individual's temperature alongside their attendance information. It has the additional option to operate as a pure temperature measurement instrument as well, for fast measurement for large groups of people.



Even when individuals are wearing masks, ThermalFace is capable of recognizing them. Mask wearing can be set as a mandatory requirement when authentication, or it can be set as a reminder should individuals forget to wear one.


Unique Dual Camera Lens System

With a unique dual camera lens system, ThermalFace is capable to capturing depth and dimensions, literally conducting highly accurate liveness detection whenever the user is authenticating. Hence there's no way to deceive our authentication algorithms using photographs, videos or even 3D moulds of registered users. In a way, it's 100% tamper-proof!

BAS scanner and its technical drawing


- for Singapore based Clients -

ThermalFace is integrated to Singapore's official governmental contact-tracing platform SafeEntry, to ensure all employees and visitors are properly recorded and traced under governmental regulatories.





ThermalFace is our latest facial recognition terminal, with in-built thermal scanning and mask detection capabilities, for usage against potential virus carriers during this global COVID-19 pandemic period.


ThermalFace Specifications

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 ThermalFace 6000
Facial RecognitionDual Lens Facial Recognition
User Capacity (Facial Capacity)6,000
Record Capacity100,000
Temperature Range30 °C to 45 °C
accuracy: ± 0.3 °C
Authentication Speed< 1s
False Acceptance Rate (FAR)< 0.001%
False Rejection Rate (FRR)< 1%
Mask DetectionReminder to wear alert with pass/fail authentication
Display7" TFT
Device Size117mm (W) x 285mm (H) x 35mm (D)
Operational Temperature0 - 50°C
Power12V DC / 2A
Access ControlYes

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