Facial recognisation or fingerprint

“Biometrics” have been a buzz word in the technological circle in recent years, as it is becoming increasingly accessible and accepted by the market and industries. Biometrics are the unique traits which identify each and every one of us as individuals, specific by our own distinct features that are not replicated by another. Traits such as facial and body features, voice, mannerisms, are just some ways we, as human beings, visually identify one another. There are other traits, which are more minute and difficult to detect, such as fingerprints, DNA, vein or iris patterns. Ever since mankind had known thatRead More…

Annual Badminton Doubles Tournament 2018 participants

23 March 2018, Friday It’s our second edition of our annual badminton doubles tournament, where each team will pit against one another in epic fashion! We realised that we have many amazing passionate badminton players, who took their games seriously in healthy competitive spirit!

Chinese New Year Lou Hei 2018

23 February 2018, Friday Every Chinese Lunar New Year, we would officiate the beginning of the new year with our annual Yusheng Lou Hei luncheon! This special dish symbolises great prosperity, growth, health and happiness for Intercorp, and gave us a chance of making a mess at the dining table!

Celebrating after winning Major Tender 3

8 February 2018, Thursday After months of hard work, we landed a major tender win which further concreted our position in manpower productivity and management! It was an unforgettable moment as our office erupted into cheers when we got the unexpected phone call that informed us of the tender win. This calls for an immediate celebration with after-hours drinks, and lucky 4D pickings as well!

Intercorp at Le Grandeur at Management Retreat

28 – 30 January 2018 This year’s management retreat took us to nearby idyllic Le Grandeur Palm Resort for a 3 days break to rejuvenate, clear our minds and to discuss our targets for the coming new year! New ideas and exciting directions were concreted through various brain-storming sessions, not to mention the delicious food of amazing Malaysia!

2017 Merry Christmas Gift Exchange

21 December 2017, Thursday We celebrate our favourite year end holiday Christmas with our annual fun-filled gift exchange activity! Everyone brings a present and by random name picking, everyone gets to bring one back home! Gifts, chocolate, log cakes, the spirit of giving is in the air!

Business Transformers, IMDA Featured Article

3 November 2017, Tuesday, published by IMDA (Infocomm Media Development Authority) We are excited to be listed as a Business Transformer by Singapore IMDA being a tech company that have transformed and created real business impact to small and medium enterprises (SMEs)! Read Original Online Article