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16 March 2018, Friday

Quick Infographic on Intercorp's acclaimed BAS system

Bringing complex ideas and technologies to easily understandable presentation, our marketing team came up with this amazing infographic, showcasing our company and product features in a beautiful and eye-catching format!

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26 October 2017, Thursday

Successful Exhibition @ Buildtech Asia 2017, Singapore

Intercorp exhibited at Singapore's Largest Construction Technology Exhibition at Singapore Expo & Convention Hall for the past three days (24-26 Oct) and we are overwhelmed by the great response and feedback by new friends and existing clients!

Our live educational workshops "How to be a Smart Construction Company?" on how to leverage on new trending technologies were received with amazing enthusiasm and our Bingo games were a hit!

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23 September 2017, Saturday

Successful Exhibition @ Thailand BMAM & Green Building Conference 2017, Bangkok

Intercorp exhibited at Thailand's Largest Building Maintenance & Facility Management Convention for the past three days (20-22 Aug). A lot of interests were raised by both Thailand local companies, with enquiries coming in from Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam as well!

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18 August 2017, Friday

Successful Exhibition @ SMEICC EXPO 2017, Suntec Convention Hall

Intercorp exhibited at Singapore's Largest Bilingual Annual Business Conference, SMEICC & SME EXPO 2017, for the past two days (16-17 Aug) and was overwhelmed by the great responses and attendance at our booth. We were happy to educate and share better human resource management processes, integrating biometrics, big data and cloud technologies, to our attendees of numerous industries.

It was an amazing experience to make new friends and acquatainences as we play our pivotal role of helping SMEs digitalize their businesses and processes, in line of making Singapore a Smart Nation.

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15 August 2017, Monday

Unveiled, with a New Look!

Refreshed our website to better project Intercorp's direction and company image. Let the world see us as fresh, daring, innovative and bold!

Do feel free to browse around and we would love to hear from you on your opinions or where we can continue to improve!
Drop us a message on our contact form!

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11 August 2017, Friday

Bowling Tournament, Strike on!

This afternoon we celebrate our bonding session at JForte Bowling center! Had lots of fun, laughter and sportsmanship!

Enjoying life when we work hard and play hard! 🎉😊👏

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13 April 2017, Thursday

Badminton Doubles Tournament!

What's better than a pre-holiday afternoon bonding session in the form of a badminton 🏸 tournament! 😊😊 Everyone were awesome and super supportive of the competing teams, with great sportsmanship spirit and technical skills!

Well done everyone!

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7 April 2017, Friday

That's how fast we are.

Watch our facial recognition gantry 1 minute speed test! Clearing each profile in 3.75 seconds!

Speed, with accuracy!

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29 - 30 March 2017, Thu - Fri

Singapore Expo (Hall 3)

We are at IoT (Internet of Things) Asia 2017!

Big shoutout to customers, friends, partners and visitors who visited our booth at the fulfilling IoT Asia exhibition! Thank you for your continuous support for Intercorp! 😘

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15 March 2017, Wednesday

Intercorp Photo Shoot 2017

Thank you to 31 Productions Pte. Ltd. for making us look good for our company's photo shoot! 😊🎉

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7 March 2017, Tuesday

Our CEO, Kelvin Koh (then COO), being featured on ChannelNewsAsia

A notable mention of Intercorp by Singapore Manpower Minister, Mr Lim Swee Say, during yesterday 6 March 2017 Parliamentary Broadcast on national television, Channel News Asia and Channel 5.

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