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If you require any technical support, please feel free to run through our Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQs") listed herewith.

Or you may choose to access our Online Ticket Support Center or talk to us through our support hotline at +65 6747 4844.

FAQ : General

BAS is an online enterprise software, a proprietary development by Intercorp, which helps companies and organisations track and manage their employees' timesheets, productive hours and access control for single or multiple locations.

BAS is tiered into three main categories, namely Essential, Professional and Enterprise, each with different sets of functionalities, to cater to different sizes of companies and organisations. As each project scope is unique to each organisation and involve hardware costings, it would be best to arrange with a Sales Consultant to get a better scope of your requirements and to furnish you with a proposal.

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Dependent on the scope of the project, the time of deployment might varies. We have experience of fast deployments which are completed in less than a week's time, while some would span numerous months due to the scale and complexity of the project's scope. However, as a rough gauge, a typical project would usually take less than a month to deploy and handover.

FAQ : Hardware

Our biometric scanners are designed to have standalone capabilities, with internal harddisk capacity for offline storage purposes. When your network is down, the scanners would still work operationally without any disruptions and all transactions would be recorded in its offline storage. When your network is restored, the scanners would 'push' the transactions back to our cloud servers for data processing, hence ensuring no data loss.

No, our system has the capability to detect living subjects hence it would not even register the 3D mould as an authentication target. Our dual 3D cameras recognise dimensions as well, therefore a photo would not be registered as a living subject either.

When a user step up to our biometric scanners, it would take less than a second (0.3s to be exact) for the scanner to authenticate the user. In a real-world environment, our system can easily authenticate up to 20 users per minute and that works out to an average of about 3 seconds per user.

Our scanners boast one of the highest accuracy in the market, with a False Acceptance Rate ("FAR") of less than 0.001%! With more than 2,000 deployments and tracking more than 150,000 users, the accuracy of our scanners have been proven and would not be a compromise.

FAQ : Software

If you'd just forgotten your password, you can request for a password reset via the 'Forgot Password' link beneath the login form. If you'd forgotten your username, please contact your system administrator or contact our helpdesk for further support.

Software updates and maintenance are inclusive as part of your subscription plan. Either as a rollout of new features or software patches, we usually update BAS at least once or twice a month.

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