Biometrics Authentication System

Key Features


Real-Time Data

All transactional data are sent in real-time to BAS cloud server, ensuring up-to-date data for all your queries and reports.


Centralised Employees Database

BAS holds your employees' information in a centralized depository across your multiple locations, eliminating duplicate records.


Highly Scalable & Flexible

BAS has unlimited scaling structure, which allows you to add locations to meet your company's unique growth.


Big Data Dashboard

Real-time big data from multiple sources are available on your dashboard for your queries and management decisions.


3D Biometrics Technologies

Our facial scanners uses proprietary dual cameras for 3D facial recognition, ensuring the highest accuracy and authentication speed in the market.


Consolidated Management Reports

Data can be consolidated and processed from multiple locations into high-level, unified reports.


Powerful Functionalities

BAS holds a lot of powerful functionalities (too much in fact for us to list them all here!) that are highly configurable to suit your company's unique requirements.


Mobile App Enabled

BAS Mobile is available for download on both Apple and Google App Stores as your complementary tool on the go.

Performance Guaranteed

Or we will provide a full refund. So what's there to worry about?
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