Biometrics Authentication System

Biometrics Authentication System
Management Made Easy

Intercorp provides a state-of-the-art Biometrics Authentication System platform to manage your company effectively. Its wide-ranging features include specialised web and mobile applications to view all important data anywhere, and a centralised employee database - all with greater information visibility.
Our Biometric Authentication System(BAS) is a proven system, with over 200,000 daily users and promises a safe, fast, reliable and easy user experience.

Key Features

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Real-Time Data

All transactional data are sent in real-time to Biometrics Authentication System cloud server, ensuring up-to-date data for all your queries and reports.

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Centralised Employees Database

BAS holds your employees' information in a centralized depository across your multiple locations, eliminating duplicate records.

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Highly Scalable & Flexible

Biometrics Authentication System has unlimited scaling structure, which allows you to add locations to meet your company's unique growth.

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Big Data Dashboard

Real-time big data from multiple sources are available on your dashboard for your queries and management decisions.

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3D Biometrics Technologies

Our facial scanners uses proprietary dual cameras for 3D facial recognition, ensuring the highest accuracy and authentication speed in the market.

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Consolidated Management Reports

Data can be consolidated and processed from multiple locations into high-level, unified reports.

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Powerful Functionalities

BAS holds a lot of powerful functionalities (too much in fact for us to list them all here!) that are highly configurable to suit your company's unique requirements.

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Mobile App Enabled

BAS Mobile is available for download on both Apple and Google App Stores as your complementary tool on the go.


BAS-Access is a high security biometrics access control system, to assist companies and enterprises in managing their workplace security and access authorisation across single or multiple locations.

BAS-Attendance is an attendance management system, which provides companies and enterprises real-time visibility of their manpower, tracking employees' movements, punctuality, working hours and overtime.

BAS-Productivity is a productivity measurement system, which assists companies and enterprises in calculating workers and trades working hours as well as productive indexes. 

Compliant to Singapore BCA ePSS requirements.

BAS-Payroll is an essential payroll system which helps companies and enterprises calculate employees' payable salaries, leave management and payslips generation.

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